Couples Therapy

Clothing Alterations, Decorating, Photography, & Omnicraft Services

Couples Therapy

Decorating, Photography & Omnicraft Services

Morrigan - Photographer, Decorator & Gatherer
Bimbo+ & Lilith Upscaler
Ozymandias - Photographer, Omnicrafter Extraordinaire, Eorzea's #1 Wingman
Eternally Bonded


Fantasy Photographer & Decorator, Bimbo+ Upscaler

Discord: the.morrigan.s.wrath
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Omnicrafter Extraordinaire, Photographer & Expert Wingman

Discord: ozymandias_seraph
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Decorating Gallery

Commission Status for Home Design: Open
I do not design clubs or casinos, I specialize in modern and modern industrial design. I'm open to others, but inspiration pictures are required.

The Odyssey


Kal's Tavern


Champagne Cottage


The Vargas Villa


Ravenessa's Retreat


Omnicraft Services

Gear, Food Buffs, Potions, Furniture... if it can be crafted, Ozymandias can make it for you! Message ozymandias_seraph on discord for pricing and details.

Photography Pricing

  • 500k per pose per person, simple or pre-made pose.** (Simple poses include pre-made poses that can be found on XMA or GlamourDresser or small adjustments to base game emotes)

  • 750k per custom pose for a single model plus 250k per each additional model.**

  • Custom GIF 500k per person, any in game or modded SFW emote. NSFW emotes 750k per person.**

  • No access to mods? No problem! I'll create you your own look for an additional fee. 500k for body mod, hair and one outfit, +100k per each additional outfit.

  • Pictures anywhere, choose your venue from beach to boudoir. Duty clears above level 70 are an additional 100k fee.

  • Inclusive - LGBTQIA+ Friendly

  • Will sync to Mare for penumbra users so that you look like, well, you!

  • Want pictures or a GIF with your favorite NPC? For the same cost as an additional person I can import any NPC of your choice in their default attire. Clothing changes are an additional fee.

**LIMITS: We will not pose hardcore kinks such as scat, watersports, acts involving minors, vore or gore.
We reserve the right to use any commission to advertise our services (no names will be mentioned), please message us privately if you wish to request an exception.

Decorating Base Pricing

HousingBase PriceExterior
Apartment7,000,000 gilN/A
Small13,000,000 gil1,000,000 gil
Medium25,000,000 gil2,000,000 gil
Large45,000,000 gil3,000,000 gil

Prices do not include cost of furniture and are dependent upon the complexity of the design. Omnicraft services available at request, furniture costs will be priced at average market board price using universalis. All designs shown are created using MakePlace and BurningDownTheHouse. Message Morrigan directly for information on how Apartment designs work to determine if it is within your technical capability before committing to a commission. Half of the quoted cost is required as down payment prior to design work beginning. If for any reason you would like to cancel your commission you will receive a 50% refund of your down payment.

Clothing Alterations Pricing

  • Simple single item upscale - $20 - I offer two slots per month for gil paid upscales for single items, 15 million gil.

  • Full set - Skin tight Top, bottoms and boots or a jacket (3 items total) - $35

  • Full set - Baggy clothing, sheer clothing or items involving skirt weights - $45+

**Full Disclosure: My upscales are not on a first come first serve basis. If a mesh is too old or poorly made to upscale the job could be declined. Payment due before delivery of packed and fully tested mod. If any clipping is found that can be fixed, corrections will be made at no additional charge. Gil Paid commissions must be paid in advance and cannot be private. Private commissions for paid mods will be public when the original is published. I upscale for Bimbo+ and Liability's Lilith body.

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